Food Intolerance Testing

So about two months ago I did a food intolerance test.

I took the decision to do it after feeling not right in my own body, even though my food intake is somewhat healthy. For instance, I used to get bloated after eating a sandwich. My friend had told me that it is a great test to know what causes a negative reaction in your body, I on the other hand never believed me in those stuff because honestly if we look at the generations before us they didn’t have that kind of technology nor medical advancements and they lived a long and healthy life!

If you are like me, I’m sorry to tell you we are wrong because in modern days just like our medical treatments have advanced, so did the technologies used to make our food! A loaf of bread now lasts a good week or two whilst before it lasted one to two days so what changed! The preservatives we put in our bodies that is what changed. So, my advice would be to do a food intolerance test sometimes certain foods can trigger some symptoms, such as headaches, digestive issues, joint pain or skin problems. It can be tricky to figure out which foods are the cause, as the reactions are often delayed by a few hours after eating the foods. That is where the food intolerance test comes in handy. In no way shape or form am I convincing you to go get tested or am I promoting it! I’m simply opening your eyes on an advancement that I think is worth to look at and investigate.

“A true food allergy is a potentially life-threatening reaction that involves IgE antibodies of your immune system. Food sensitivities involve other antibodies and cells of your immune system, while food intolerances don’t involve your immune system.”

It is important to note the pervious statement that food intolerance is very different from food allergies and food sensitivity. You can still eat whatever you are intolerant to without having a serious problem. Food intolerance simply is a scale that goes from no reaction to mild reaction to a high reaction. You can be highly intolerant to a certain food and moderately intolerant to another. As mentioned before those reactions happen in the body, they can vary from one person to another!

I personally have a high intolerance to gluten for instance and a moderate intolerance to garlic and onions. So, I avoid gluten completely and have garlic and onions 2-3 times a week.

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Yes, this kind of testing is hyped by social media and so it can be a huge sham, I will not deny that a lot of celebrities and influencers do endorse and promote such tests. I also will not deny that it is costly hence, it is a million-dollar empire. I also will not deny that the amount of science that supports the theory, that from a drop of blood they can know exactly the kind of food causes negative reaction in your body, is close to nonexistent. This is why I’m not personally promoting it. A lot, even I before doing it, believed it is a sham. It could be for all I know as they say you should always believe the evidence. Here is my perspective on it though, I have done it about two month ago and from when I did it till now, I have minimized and cut foods that I’m intolerant to. Do I feel better? Yes, I do. It could be that this test actually is true, or it is a placebo that played on my brain, after all the brain is a strong organ that controls many if not all of the reactions in the body!

While I’m still investigating the reliability of this test, I did want to share this small blog post. I do want to hear what your perspective on this kind of testing is so feel free to comment below or to write to me about it!

Disclaimer: I’m not a health or dietary expert this is purely based on my research and own experience.

Until next time, Crave the dish…


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