How to make your next game night standout!

I will be sharing with you three great tips on how to make the next event you host the best! Seriously your friends/family members will not shut up about it!


Now I love to go crazy on decorations but a lot of the times I don’t have the budget which is why I opted for something on a budget that for sure will make a statement every time! Chalkboards. I got a bunch of them, small and big sized ones, and wrote different puns on them. Those can be really fun to read and very much a conversation starter in big events. Also, they could be used as food labellers.  

Colour coordinated plates and table covers. I can’t stress enough,  coordinate all the colours in a setting. I, for example, went for a goldish neutral colour and then added a pop of green by adding different plants. The uncovered side tables were brown to complement the table cover which was peach/beige. I made sure that the platters I used to serve the food, were of similar colours. This truly makes your table or seating area look more put together and memorable. 

Keep it simple. A lot of the times I tend to go crazy when it comes to decorations. Keeping it simple and stylish is my new way to go. Don’t forget to search up DIYs ideas to save up that extra cash for food. 


Let’s be honest you need to excel in this area! Food is what truly makes your event go from zero to a hundred. Again keep it simple and themed. Since I was hosting a game night I stuck to snacky food. 

A cheese board is always the way to go! On the cheese board you can have a selection of cheese but sticking to the basics white, yellow, and blue isn’t a bad idea. 

Cutting up veggies in a fun way! No one eats veggies unless they are cut and cut in a fun way which is why I used a cookie cutter to cut up some apples. 

Dips! Everyone loves dips… my four go-to dips always are guacamole, hummus, tomato (bruschetta style), cheese! 

Dessert – I usually go for a pie or a cake! They are easy and quick to make and simply irresistible. 

Stations!  I feel like this will make your life as a host easier. I divided the food into stations. A station that I’m quite proud of is the coffee and tea station. I simply told my guests that they can help themselves for hot water from the cooler. They had all the selection of teas, coffee, creamers and sugar laid in front of them. 

Goodie bags – I love to make small homemade treats for my guests to remember this night later on. I usually bake cookies and pop them into small goodie bags with a ribbon on the side and a sweet note thanking them for coming. It is a nice touch and definitely would make your hostessness stand out.


Now if it is game night… make sure you have your games thought out and planned. For example, I had UNO and card games laid out and ready for them. If you will be needing music or a TV make sure they work and everything is plugged in for a more smooth transition. After all, we don’t want our guests to get bored. 

Remember as a host to have fun, laugh hard and eat a lot! You deserve it after the whole day worth of hard work you put in.

Until next time, crave the dish…


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