Your Essential Farmers Market Qatar Guide

Spring has arrived in D-town… I wouldn’t say winter or autumn because the sun is shining bright and the lowest temperature recorded so far is 18°C! Don’t get me wrong I love this weather! It is the perfect weather for all outdoor activities including the farmers market! 

The first thing to consider when visiting the farmers market is all the local produce you can buy! You can find a variety of locally grown veggies and fruits. The prices are kept the same as when buying those products from a grocery shop except you have the benefit of being in an outdoorsy place filled with joyful people. 

The businesses and vendors in the farmers market are exceptional! It covers most of your wants from raw organic honey to homemade soaps. I love to visit and support such small businesses that are thriving to become something in the market because most of the products sold are free from hormones and preservatives. Secondly, being a small business is sort of a guarantee that the quality is high! 

I know a lot of the times farmers market may seem or come off as a more expensive than your average supermarket to buy products but this isn’t always the case. Yes buying raw organic honey costs more than buying industrial honey nonetheless this is a special case! You are paying for quality and a product that is homemade and doesn’t contain any unnecessary additions. It is a simple equation organic homemade products = more expensive. However, going to the farmers market to buy regular products such as vegetables, fruits and bread can be quite thrifty.  Although I won’t lie it can be very hard to pass up buying certain appealing items! 

Talk to vendors – Don’t miss out on any stand in the farmers market. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back most of the people are quite friendly and up for a chat. This can be a great way for you to learn more about a product they are selling and the thought process that went behind it! It is a way for you to get more creative in the kitchen and to find out about new things happening in the world around you. 

Take a walk around before settling – There is a bunch of vendors that joined this year’s farmers market some of which sell similar stuff, so take a stroll and look around before buying!

Samplers are your best friend – Another case of “don’t be shy” there are samples in almost every stand. Give them all a try. Taste and let your mouth experience a new thing. I wouldn’t advise you to buy anything without tasting it first. 

Bring cash – This is a given but some of the vendors don’t have an ATM machine so make sure you have some cash on you.

Bring your dog – Dogs are welcomed at the farmers market from 8 am- 12 pm so bring them with you let them socialize with other dogs and enjoy a morning walk. 

Support the youngsters – At the back of the farmers market there is an area with small stands for the little ones, don’t miss them! They sell things such as plants and cookies go and support them as they undertake a journey in the business world!

Have fun and eat a lot of food! –  Yes, there are ready meals so take your friends or family and enjoy a meal at the farmers market! 

My favourite vendor that I think all of you must visit – Superheroes Eat Plants! They serve vegan food and can I just say they are quite creative with it! You get burritos, sushi, nachos, doughnut and ice lollies! I mean I think her food speaks for itself go try it, you won’t even know it is vegan!

Until next time, crave the dish…


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