7 Tips To Making The Best Fried Food

Exercise? Oh I thought you said extra fries

Whilst frying food is not the healthiest way to be cooking, you can’t deny how good fried food actually is! You don’t think so? imagine with me a piece of deep fried chicken, biting into the piece of chicken, you hear the sound of the fried layer crunching in your mouth. The fattiness of the chicken is in the juices that the piece of meat is releasing as it melts in your mouth, leaving behind a series of unique flavors. The sound of the crunch with every bite is enough to muffle the voices of those who are around you. I don’t know about you but I’m going to the kitchen right now to make me some fingerlicking fried chicken.

All that fried chicken talk sure put me in a hangry mood I had to take a little food break now where was I? Oh right when you decide to have fried food you have to do it right so in this blog post I’ll be sharing five tips and tricks to help give you the perfect crunch.


Brand/type: For frying the best oil to use is vegetable oil I personally advice you use canola oil as it is somewhat healthier than the others with less trans-fat. Remember the oil you use affects the flavor so avoid olive oil and coconut oil as they have strong flavors.

Temperature: If you don’t have a thermometer invest in one! If you don’t want to, use the back of wooden spoon/spatula. The general rule states that the oil need to between 350-375F to make sure the oil is hot without a thermometer you can submerge the back of a wooden spoon in the oil, if bubbles start to form the oil is hot enough. Avoid cold oil as the food end up absorbing the oil and this makes the food soggy.


Pat dry: Whether it is a vegetable being fried or a type of protein ensure that there is no moisture on the surface to avoid any unwanted oil splatters that can cause serious burns and to also avoid the food being soggy rather than crunchy. For instance, if you are frying some french fries you will notice that the batch you patted dry gives you a better crunch than one fries that were moist.

Addition of Flour: It is no secret that flour is the ingredients that can makes an onion or a chicken much crunchier. Right before frying coat the food with flour, the flour absorbs moisture if any and leaves a beautiful layer of crunchiness.

Equal sized pieces: Whether you’re deep frying chicken, vegetables or fish, be sure to cut the pieces evenly. Having a uniform size of food equals same cooking time.

Suspended solids: When you fry food you leave residues in the oil so when you are adding a new batch the burned residue ends up sticking to the new batch giving it an ugly burned color rather than a nice golden brown. To avoid this simply use a strainer! Before adding a new batch run the strainer in the oil to collect as much residue as you can keeping the oil clean. This step will allow the oil to cool as well which is ideal to ensure that the temperature of the oil isn’t too hot for the second batch.

Overcrowding:Overcrowding is a common mistake as who wants to spend so much time frying food when they can do it at once however adding too many items at one time will immediately lower the oil temperature. It also causes the oil level to rise, which can lead to overflowing and spillage.

Follow these tips above and I’m sure you will have delicious fried food! I also shared on my instagram a guide to making the Best fried chicken feel free to check it out by clicking and following the link.

Until next time, crave the dish…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cynthia says:

    This looks yummy 😋


  2. Can’t argue with the fact that fried food taste great. I can still remember the first time I had a fried turkey at Thanksgiving! The part about getting the oil to the right temperature brought back a childhood memory. We had an old gas stove and my mom kept a box of large, wooden matches in a dispenser right by it. She’d drop a match in the oil to check the temp. If it ignited, the oil was ready!


  3. Geri Lawhon says:

    Thanks so much for the tips, your fried food looks so good.


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