BLOG PARTY! 11/28-11/30

Originally posted on Traveling Shana:
I’m happy to be celebrating my growing blog with each and every one of you! Have a wonderful time getting to know one another, as this is a awesome opportunity to grow your blog while supporting others. As a proper hostess, I of course will be providing a gift. I…

Blue – Movenpick Hotel – Review

This Friday, as opposed to that last Friday, Bring your BBQ to the Beach, was gloomy so I decided to have a brunch because what is better than stuffing your face in that weather!

A Mouth-Watering Perfection

The perfect meal, tastes incredible and you simply can’t go wrong with it! Also is sometimes stated to be better than a relationship;) PIZZA 

Bring your BBQ to the Beach

Living in the Gulf, fall season can be very confusing, sometimes the weather is so cold that a layer of thermals under a layer of winter clothing isn’t enough and sometimes the weather is the perfect beach weather. Bearing in my mind that these two different kinds of weather are on days straight after each…

Mindful Eating!

Recently I have attended a workshop on mindfulness, organized by Search Inside Yourself  (SIYLI).The Search Inside Yourself program teaches emotional intelligence skills that lead to sustained peak performance, strong collaboration, and effective leadership. This workshop helps create positive emotional and mental states for a strong and inspiring leadership presence.

Four Killer Recipes For Birthday Parties!

My Boss at work birthday passed a while back and unlike most bosses, she is an amazing human being who you can share and talk to about anything. She is one of those people that truly respects and appreciates the work you have done and just for that I took it upon myself to return…

An Irresistible Spanakopita

I think by now you would have guessed that my relationship with spinach is going strong.  I can’t recall a week passing without me cooking something with spinach in it. I mean why not?  spinach is very nutritious and probably my favorite green leave out there! Yes, this recipe contains spinach … I learned this…

A Not So Classical French Toast

A lot of people don’t enjoy the breakfast meal because it tends to be repetitive and boring sometimes, but for me, breakfast is something I love because I get creative with it. Like for example, turning a boring french toast recipe into the best french toast you will ever have, who isn’t down for that?