5 Tips That Will Help You Make The Perfect Burger

A homemade juicy burger full of flavours, that doesn’t fall apart – I drooled writing this! 

Burj Al Hamam – Restaurant Review

Burj Al Hamam, a Lebanese restaurant located in the pearl, Porta Arabia tower 1, that not only offers great food but also an amazing seating area with a spectacular view. 

Seafood soup

A combination of fresh seafood mixed together in a heavenly bowl bursting with flavours!

Isla Mexican Kitchen – Restaurant- review

Envision yourself having authentic Mexican comfort foods in the elevated, upbeat retro-style dining room and patio that overlooks the pearl. Thanks to chef Richard Sandoval, internationally known as “The Father of Modern Mexican Cuisine”, Isla Mexican Kitchen has enabled you to experience just that.

Abajour – Restaurant review

A Lebanese restaurant designed to bring you back to the streets of Lebanon. Abajour is very well designed the interior is pleasantly comfortable and unique the place almost has an artistically vintage feel to it which I loved! 

Pancakes, Pancakes, pancakes

A peanut butter and jelly filled cinnamon pancakes that have bananas in them, I questioned this when I wrote it!  This may sound like an odd mixture of ingredients but trust me those pancakes are mouthwatering and vegan-friendly.