Top 5 Donner Kebab Places in Qatar

Everyone’s favourite Donner Kebab!

For those of you who don’t know, Doner kebab is a Turkish kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, some call it shawarma. A month ago I went on a hunt for the best places for Donner kebab in Qatar. While it is difficult to decide which of these restaurants serves the best donner kebab – as there is plenty of them – I had to pick 5.

Here are my top 5: 

 German Donner Kebab 

Located in the pearl, this restaurant serves the most delicious donner kebabs I have tasted, in fact, this could be my winner if I had to pick from the 5 donner kebab places. Their donner sandwich includes a pickley sweet salad which creates infusions in your mouth (I promise!)

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 5.36.58 PM(2)


This restaurant is an Iraqi restaurant, so I was spectacle about trying their donner kebab but boy was it good. The bread they put it in is homemade which adds so much to the taste of freshness and brings back home cooked donner kebab memories. A perfect place to head to for some comforting donner kebab. 


Turkish Central 

When hunger strikes and you are craving a donner kebab head to this place. Not only are the prices very good but the donner kebab kills your hunger and leaves you satisfied. The only downside about this place though is the parking as it is located in al Nasr Street and therefore, it is very hectic to find parkings there. 


Royal Istanbul 

A place that I tried accidentally, got really hungry while I was filling petrol and decided to get a donner sandwich from there. I didn’t regret that decision it is one of those sandwiches that are extra full of ingredients and the filling is more than the bread… who doesn’t want that? 


Iskendar Kebab 

They serve their donner sandwiches in Turkish round bread with cheese… yes this unconventional but it sort of looks like a pizza made of donner kebab I mean you have to try it for your self to know why I added it on my list! 

Oh god, I think I got a case of donner kebab craving writing this anyways…

Until next time, Crave the dish

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    Love to taste it

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      What ?


  2. All looks so good and extremely delicious! 😥 lol

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