10 Places That Are A Must Visit In Georgia

After Azerbaijan, we flew to Georgia, a city Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. 


Here are 10 places that you must visit in Georgia:

1.  Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral 

Tbilisi is known for its distinctive architecture, which reflects the city’s storied past and comprises an eclectic mix of Medieval, Art Nouveau and Modernist structures. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi commonly known as Saemba is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia

sameba-cathedral1 - Copy

2. Sulphur Bath District 

Visiting the sulphur baths in Tbilisi is a definite must-do when you’re in the city, especially if you’re in Tbilisi in October to March when it’s much colder. It is a really enjoyable experience. With historic bathhouses with pools of hot, sulfur-rich water, with optional private rooms & massage.


3.  Narikala Fortress & Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Narikala is an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the Kura River. The fortress consists of two walled sections on a steep hill between the sulphur baths and the botanical gardens of Tbilisi. You can mega zip from the Narikala Fortress down to the Botanical Garden. 


4. Funicular Amusement Park

Mtatsminda Park is a famous landscaped park located at the top of Mount Mtatsminda overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi. The park has carousels, water slides, a roller-coaster, funicular, and a big Ferris Wheel at the edge of the mountain, offering a splendid view over the city.


 5.A trip to Ananuri Castle

Ananuri is a fortress situated on the foreland by the Aragvi River, not far from Zhinvali water reservoir and about 70 km from Tbilisi, Georgia. It was built by the Dukes of Aragvi and its earliest parts date from the 13th century. The fortress is on the UNESCO Tentative list. The fortress consists of two fortifications joined by a crenellated curtain wall. The upper fortification with a large square tower, known as Sheupovari, is well-preserved. The lower fortification, with a round tower, is mostly in ruins.


6. A trip to Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri is a small touristic settlement and ski mountain resort located at the altitude of 3,000m on the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucuses range of Georgia. Gudauri is situated 120 km from Tbilisi. You can reach it by the Georgian Military Road for about 2 hours by car. Once many well-known writers and poets such as Alexander Griboedov, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Vladimir Mayakovsky and even Alexandre Dumas went by it.


7. Excursion in Kazbegi

This is most people’s destination on the Georgian Military Hwy: a valley town with the famous hilltop silhouette of Tsminda Sameba Church and the towering snowy cone of Mt Kazbek looking down from the west. Now officially named Stepantsminda, but still commonly known as Kazbegi, it’s a base for some wonderful walking and mountain-biking. The highway brings you straight into the main square, Kazbegi Moedani. From here Kazbegi Str. forks to the right, while the main road leads down to a bridge over the Tergi River then continues 15km north to the Russian border in the Dariali Gorge.


8. Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta

Built in the 6th century, Jvari Monastery stands on a mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking Mtskheta, the former capital of Georgia. The monastery was built on the site of a large wooden cross erected by Saint Nino in the early 4th century. Saint Nino preached Christianity in Georgia and converted the pagan king Mirian III of Iberia who declared Christianity the official religion in 327 A.D. In 545 A.D. Jvari was listed together with other monuments of Mtskheta in 1994 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


9.  Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

This grand (and for its time, enormous) building dates from the 11th century, early in the golden age of Georgian church architecture. It has an elongated cross plan and is adorned with beautiful stone carving outside and in. Christ’s robe is believed to lie beneath the central nave, under a square pillar decorated with colourful if faded frescoes of the conversion of Kartli.


10. Coast River Cruise

Mtskheta Cruise offers the tourist a 30 min cruise trip on the river Mtkvari. You will find absolutely different Mtskheta with most spectacular views of the landscape and historical buildings. For example, the Pompey Bridge or The Magi Bridge was built in the 1st century B.C. This bridge played an important role in the trade development in this territory, according to the historical chronicles by the Roman historian Strabo, Pliny a Lucius Cassius Duo.


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Enjoy this little slideshow of pictures I took on this trip! 

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Bonus – We didn’t  get to visit the Turtle Lake & Museum of Ethnography however we heard it is a must visit! 

Turtle Lake is located on the wooded northern slope of Mtatsminda Mount at an elevation of 686.7 m above sea level and fed by a small river Varazis-Khevi, a tributary to the Mtkvari. The Turtle Lake area is designed as a recreational zone and is frequented by the Tbilisians on weekends. It is also a place where festivals and concerts are held. West to the lake is the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, a large exhibition displaying the examples of folk architecture and craftwork from various regions of the country.

Until next time, crave the dish…

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