The World of Flavor – A Guide

“In the culinary world, Spices refer to products used to flavor foods that come from the root, stem, seed, fruit or flower of a plant.Herbs are also products used to flavor foods, but come from the leafy green part of a plant.…” This is a guide on how to use different spices and herbs to elevate any…

5 Soups That Are A Must Try!

I decided to write this blog post as a sort of themed post dedicated to all my muslim friends, who asked for creative yet simple soup recipes for this month.

Molecular gastronomy – Restaurant Edition

Molecular gastronomy is a study of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking – Wikipedia Molecular gastronomy is making food that looks cool, however the taste may not be as expected – Raneem

Cheap Eats In Qatar

You needed this in your life…Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. This contains good cheap eats that we can both enjoy, in Qatar.

A food Guide For Amman City

Went on a little trip back home i.e to Jordan and decided to write this blog post to share with you some food places that are a must try in the capital city, Amman.