Molecular gastronomy – Restaurant Edition

Molecular gastronomy is a study of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking – Wikipedia

Molecular gastronomy is making food that looks cool, however the taste may not be as expected – Raneem

I have recently took interest in the science of food, the chemistry that goes behind making a dish. What brought my attention to molecular gastronomy was a grapple… from the name can you guess what it is? I’ll answer you incase you don’t know, it is an apple that tastes like a grape! A grapple is a genetically altered apple that is made to taste like a grape! weird… yes indeed it is and it plays with your brain in ways I can’t explain.

Molecular gastronomy originally seeked to generate new knowledge on the basis of the science behind culinary processes. For example, why mayonnaise becomes firm or why a soufflé swells. However, nowadays it is used to develop new ways of cooking that are rooted in science. These techniques are called molecular cooking.

High end Restaurants have added elements of molecular gastronomy to enhance the culinary experience. Take Alder in NYC, a restaurant that attracts it is customers by its unusual dishes. I mean would you like some shepherd’s pie tartar or french onion soup rings? I definitely would in fact count me in for all of it, including that root beer pudding!

Qatar has also recently joined this trend, some restaurants have opened recently that implement similar concepts. One that I heard of is Zaffran dine. At the moment, molecular gastronomy is still evolving sort to speak, there is still a long road ahead before we start getting crazy stuff that our brains can’t handle . Won’t lie though, I’m super excited on what is to come in terms of molecular gastronomy. Infact, part 2 of this blog post is all about domestic molecular gastronomy – you will watch me create magic!

Until Next Time, Crave The Dish…

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  1. Rajaa says:

    This was very interesting
    I may try some of these dishes if the name attracts me


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