Cheap Eats In Qatar

You needed this in your life…Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. This contains good cheap eats that we can both enjoy, in Qatar.

Baby, I don’t need Qatari Riyals to eat tonight
(I love cheap eats)
Baby, I don’t need Qatari Riyals to eat today
(I love cheap eats)
I don’t need no money
As long as I can taste the flavours 
I don’t need no money
As long as I keep eating

I’m so sorry I had to start with this play on words (inspired by kate from one shot latte), hope that the song didn’t get stuck in your head! 

Have you ever wondered how to save money but still enjoy the best food, life can offer… no well, I did and chances are you are in denial because firstly you are reading this and second &  foremost nobody doesn’t like saving money and spending it on new iPhones or if you are cool then Samsungs because let us be honest androids rock! Funny enough, I, Raneem, am writing this post, now if you need to know anything about me it will be that I spent approx 2000 Qr (500$)  in one week on food for myself ( an individual) so ya I need this more than anyone! 

Okay, so since your reading this then you either: 

  1. living in Qatar 
  2. visiting Qatar 
  3. Love reading my post 
  4. Came here by accident 
  5. Stalking me to get ideas (which btw is cool I like that I inspire you) 

whichever choice it is you probably know that Qatar is a rich country being a rich country wages/ salaries are high and so food is relative to the salaries. In all honesty, if you are a foodie that wants to Instagram every meal then be prepared to spend a fortune on food just saying. Nonetheless, here is a saying that I learned over the course of blogging,  food can look like the most hideous thing on earth but with a good photography technique it can become your most liked Instagram post, You don’t need to look for instagramable food make everything you eat instagramable. In this post, a lot of the restaurants fit into “Instagram worthy food” but at the same time, the food is heartwarming for your soul and well… cheap.

Although I have to say that I can’t guarantee a gourmet meal or fine dining experience, but what I can promise is a solid and tasty cheap eat in Qatar. 

To make this blog post more exciting I asked some food bloggers in Qatar to share their cheap eats with me so without further ado…

Darlene – @pointshoot&eats

Shujaa Restaurant in Souq Waqif

There isn’t a time when I hadn’t seen this restaurant empty. Every time I pass by or go there, you always have to wait before you can get a seat at this al fresco dining restaurant. And this can only mean a good thing – that you can expect the food to be good! Kebab skewers are what the people come back here for – simple, but filling and cheap. This isn’t a place for dawdling though, as the waiting customers will be eyeing your seat once they see you are nearly finished. Skewers are priced at 3 QAR each. 


Ric’s Kountry Kitchen

This diner is an institution for breakfast in Doha. They offer large servings for reasonable prices. The interiors may look a bit worn out but the food is still good. It can get very busy on weekend mornings and take note that they accept cash only.


Zeke Tunay – @BestLifeQatar


It is undeniably the biggest and the most popular fast food chains in the Philippines… serving quality and affordable fried chicken and other well-loved Pinoy style products like sweet spaghetti;  round rice noodles (most commonly called pancit palabok); burger steak in mushroom sauce; burgers; special Pinoy breakfast meals, and more. Sample prices are as follows: QR8 for 1-pc. Burger Steak with rice solo (without drinks); or QR12 for 1-pc Jolly Chicken Meal with rice and soft drinks.

At the same time, Jollibee also keeps the Pinoy Family values intact with their Family Bu20180823_195353cket Meals and other combo options that are really good for sharing… saving you more compared when purchased individually. This is the reason why Pinoys also love to invite Jollibee on their kiddie parties. For only QR690 includes QR500 consumable for food and party hosting, Jollibee mascot is sure to give the kids the jolly-time of their life. This brand has become the symbol of the Pinoy family tradition.



Dionne & Ian – @24hrfoodie 

Just Biryani 

A small restaurant located in Ras Abu Abood. They have awesome Bamboo Biryani for 23- 24Qr and coconut fried chicken. Their meals don’t go over 25 Qr. The best place to have biryani that is pocket-friendly. 


Deema – @Deemeatz 

Amjad Thai Snack 

A restaurant located in al Nasr st – Known to have the best Thai food for great prices. Once the weather gets better to go there and enjoy some Thai food in their pretty little outdoor seating area. 



Best Italian restaurant on a budget. Ciao has tasty pizzas as well as exquisite pasta dishes. The place is very cosy with friendly staff. The place truly gives you a piece of Italy with its authentic dishes 


Poco Loco

Creative dining options and delicious food. This Mexican restaurant is located in Duhail Sports club, serves really good tacos. Tacos can vary from 11QR to 14 QR  and if you want to make it a meal the prices vary from 30 QR to 37QR. 


Mr Taco 

Tasty Taco’s and burritos their quesadillas are delicious as well. This place is a hidden gem in Dar Al Salam foodcourt. A serious authentic Mexican restaurant for reasonable prices. Tacos can go down to 7 QR for a taco! 


Yee Hwa (Buffets) 

Yeehwa is a favourite of mine, the quality of food never fails to impress other than their budget-friendly menu with a mix of Japanese and Korean food,  every Monday Yeehwa offers a sushi night with unlimited sushi for 120 Qr, their sushi options are vast and quite delicious. Every Wednesday, they offer a Korean BBQ night so if you are in the mood to grill your food on your table you should go there! They also have the full deal on Fridays brunch where you can get unlimited sushi and Korean BBq FOR 130Qr and before I forget mouthwatering Korean Ice cream as well! 


Kate – @oneshotlatte

With the outburst of speciality cafes in Doha, with exorbitantly priced coffees anywhere between 27-30 riyals, I find myself running back to my few favourite spots where I don’t have to wait in line for my cup and it doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet of a coffeeholic like me. Now, these are the cafes where you can go in pyjamas and nobody will care and you won’t have to wince your eye in the quest of the finding a table where you can put a lot more than just your coffee cup. Here are my top three: 

Al Maqha Cafe 

In the lobby area of @wyndhamdohawestbay is where you’ll find this beautiful NEW Cafe. Gorgeous decor, cosy seatings and best of all reasonably priced Coffee & Pastries. In the picture below is a delicious Spanish Latte created with mixed beans from different countries. Their head Barista Randy adds his own touch to enhance the flavours of the beans. If you visit, ask for Randy, he just might surprise you with his creative Coffee Concoctions which, I promise you, will BLOW your mind.



Meesh Cafe

 Now, this cafe has a special place in my heart because the start of One Shot Latte happened on the holy grounds of Meesh Cafe. I’ve been a regular since the day it started and you will often find me lost in my own world. The Coffee here has its ups and downs but the take away from this cafe for me is its ambience. I mostly order an Americano or White Mocha when I’m here but their food and pastries are really good. The prices start from 13 riyals for an Americano and IMO they have the best cheesecake in Doha.


Bo’s Cafe 

Now, this is another “I can walk in looking like a beggar” cafe for me. All their coffee beans are imported from the Philippines. The coffee jelly in their iced drinks is something exceptional here. They have a quaint sitting area on the top where you can chill as long as you want to. Simplicity at its best, I’d say. The staff is super friendly and you wanna know the best part – They don’t HOVER.


Jihad – @QatarFoodGuy

Afghan Brothers 

Here you can get decent Biryanis, Majboos and Mandi rice dishes for around 40 Qr. The dish is fitting for more than one person. 

Tea Time

Everyone’s favourite! I personally can’t go a day without craving tea time their chicken popcorn is tasty. They have a huge selection of juices and sandwiches that can go down to up to 3Qr for a sandwich. Moreover, their staff are very friendly to the point if you are a regular customer once they see your car they would be already punching in your order and preparing it! 

Mshwar al Khaleej

Located behind the traffic department, Medinat Khalifa. Serves Khaliji food their Daqoos is incredible. I keep going back for it! 

Palestine restaurant 

No joke best falafel in Doha is there! you can ask for the falafel raw to fry at home and store for later use or you can get them ready made. A heads up though, this place on a Friday morning is super crowded so if you are craving some hummus and falafel for breakfast head there at 8 by the max or else you won’t find any more falafel left! 

safir Restaurant

You can head on over there for some egg chapatis or for a full lunch meal for under 11 Qr. I love their egg chapati with cheese and a cup of Karak on my Saturday morning errands run or when I get a hunger strike at 12 pm 

My takes 

Mama Rozie

A Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian restaurant that I was introduced to, by Rachel from @rachelannmorris71. Glad she invited me to try it because it was delicious. A serious cheap eats in Qatar that you don’t want to miss on. Before I forget to mention that it is a family-owned restaurant hence, I can guarantee that the quality will be maintained and that you will always be served mouthwatering dishes. 


 Al Beit Al Kuwaiti

A hidden gem located in Al Nasser street one of Doha’s most crowded streets. If you ever feel like having local/ Arabic food on a budget this is the place to head to! Also, each dish can fit two people if not three, their dishes are quite big. Dishes can vary between 35- 50Qr. 



OH MY LORD, this place was introduced by the best @oneshotlatte i.e. kate. It is not only an Indian heaven but also if you are a vegan this is your heaven. They have a vegan menu as well as a regular menu. Their dishes are authentic and delicious simply to die for and guess what you can get dishes like butter chicken and shrimp tikka masala for 20 QR 



If you ever are craving sushi but want it on a budget then head to Fudo for sushi they have delicious rolls with a good variety for 30 Qr per 10 pieces approximately. I mean honestly, being a sushi lover this place is the perfect fix for my sushi cravings.



Lulu Hyper Market – If you ever get a hunger strike and want a quick and cheap fix then head to lulu, ready-made food section. They offer a good variety of food including a mouthwatering shawarma. Also, do try their Sambosa – crunchy and full. 
















Thank You to all the bloggers that took part in this, all the information and picture are subjected to the rights provided by the blogger they were written under! 

These restaurants are only a small list of many more existing in Qatar so tune in for part two with other bloggers.

Until Next Time, Crave the dish…

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  1. Lovely post.. Very nice information.. Gotta try them out too.. 🙂


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