A food Guide For Amman City

Went on a little trip back home i.e to Jordan and decided to write this blog post to share with you some food places that are a must try in the capital city, Amman.

To start with if you want a true taste of Jordan you must go to downtown Amman. At the bottom of the city’s many hills and overlooked by the magisterial Citadel, it features spectacular Roman ruins, souqs and coffeehouses that are central to Jordanian life.

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1. Downtown Amman – If you want a true taste of Jordan the downtown is the place to be other than the old city souq and streets, downtown is a foodies heaven. 

Hashem – Hashem Restaurant Down Town (King Faisal Street) – Try their falafel, Hummus, foul and Fatteh. Visited by nearly every politician, famous person, and even Jordanian royal family members, Hashem Restaurant is one of Amman’s most popular and well-known restaurants downtown.


Jabri – located in downtown Amman, Al-Quds’ (Complex No 8, King Al Hussein Street 8) speciality is their traditional mansaf.


Habiba – Located in Downtown Amman, King Faisal Street – Best Kunafa and Arabic sweets

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Alhanian- Best For fried zucchini, eggplant and cauliflower sandwiches.



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Jafra Cafe – A cafe overlooking downtown Amman 
you can find brewed strong and bitter, and often containing cardamom, Arabic coffee is a staple in all Jordanian households. A significant part of Jordanian culture, coffee is offered to guests as a sign of respect and hospitality.



Sugar Cane Juice – Sugarcane drink freshly squeezed in front of you is readily available so make sure you give it a try 


Fruits and vegetable market – A must see in downtown, the fruits and the vegatable market is full of fresh veggies and fruits that are seasonal. even if you won’t buy anything I recommend you go take a look. 

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2. Muskhan – Zaitooni

Muskan is a famous Palestinian meal but Jordanians love it as well it is taboon bread covered in onions and sumac served with grilled chicken and yoghurt. Zaitooni is a family owned business that serves the best Muskhan in Amman. 


3. K&K – 

If you are feeling adventurous then try  K&K – sheep small intestine, tounges and brains. 


4. Bekdash – 

While you are in Amman, Jordan don’t miss the opportunity to experience the many tastes you won’t have in other places. Including Bekdash,  a well-established business, originating in Syria, and now available in two places in Amman: Galleria Mall, Sweifieh and on Al-Madina Al-Monawara Street. Serving ice cream that is specially formulated to make it resistant to the heat and less likely to melt!


5. El Classico  –

When it comes to chicken shawarma, one of the Amman standards is El Classico. Their chicken is sliced thin so it’s both juicy and crispy, salty and a bit citrusy. Wrapped in thin saj bread, and combined with garlic mayo sauce.


6. Rumi Cafe –

Excellent coffee on offer, but tea is the thing here: choose from a menu that includes blends from Bahrain (flavoured with rosewater), Iraq (cardamom), Morocco (mint) and more besides. There’s a simple breakfast menu, plus cakes ( That are delightful )and sandwiches throughout the day. The outside seating area is beautiful, but it can be difficult to get a seat at times for all the young (and occasionally hipster) Amman is having meetings or tapping away at their MacBooks.



7. Beit Setti – 

Beit Sitti offers a cook and dine experience where you go and learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with the help of a Hajjeh, and then get to eat the food that you prepared, in their grandmothers’ house found in one of Amman’s oldest neighbourhoods, Jabal al weibdeh.


Amman has also many more restaurants that are a must try but since I went for two weeks I couldn’t manage all of the restaurants but I did cover the must-tries in Amman

Until next time, crave the dish…


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