Top Vegetarian restaurants in Doha

I was at an event the other day and a bunch of people were discussing their similar struggles in finding restaurants that serve good vegetarian/ vegan meals and not simple & bland green salads in Doha. I thought to myself we live in Doha, a city that has literally everything, so it must have restaurants that serve proper vegetarian meals. 

Let us first agree what is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism 

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Well…  I personally am not a vegetarian nor a vegan, nevertheless, one of my closest friends was a vegetarian and now is a vegan and she helped me in the quest for finding restaurants that serve good vegetarian/ vegan meals.


  • I’m talking about a fulfilling tasty vegetarian meal because almost every restaurant out here has one or two vegetarian options, but as opposed to other meals they serve,  vegetarian ones are quite boring and tasteless (at least my friend said so).
  • Since Fish is a grey area amongst the vegetarian community, some vegetarians eat fish some don’t, I will not include any fish restaurants or meals that include fish.
  • I will state if the restaurant may have vegan options as well( No dairy product as well as everything  a vegetarian isn’t allowed to eat) 
  • I was not sponsored by any of these restaurants mentioned below. Simply my friend and I honest opinions. 

Here are some of the best restaurants for all the vegetarians out there and people who dream about being a vegetarian/vegan one day (ME, I can’t quit meat)!


Italian cuisine 

When my friend and I started our quest, first thought was to go to Italian cuisine because it is very common to find vegetarian dishes in Italian restaurants and that was the case. All Italian restaurants we visited had a variety of options for vegetarians and these were the best in terms of vegetarian dishes:

  1. Nonna Zanon – The residence Tower, West Bay – Nonna Zanon has a wide variety of pasta, risotto, pizza and appetiser dishes that are vegetarian. _MG_4386 (Copy)
  2.  Carluccio –  A very well known Italian restaurant in Doha – Carluccio had a vegetarian option in every part of their menu. We tried their wild mushroom Aranchi and some tomato pesto bread for starters as well as an Ortalna pizza, they all tasted extravagant!
  3.  Paper Moon – Located in Jaidah Square – A nice and cosy place with a beautiful interior. If you do visit I recommend you try their eggplant lasagna “Tortino Di Melanzane Alla Parmigiana”. Papermoon-Jaidah-Square-Doha-Qatar-Eating-Eggplant-300x200@2x
  4.  Vapiano – The Gate mall –  An amazing place for, express Italian food. If you are looking for a place to quickly grab lunch before heading your next meeting this is the place. They have different stations where you can order your customised pizza/pasta. 361193698892403c1d3b2e1e8dbef7c0.jpg
  5. Lo Spaghetto – Al Saad- A hidden gem in Doha, I heard of that place from a friend who lives in the area. Let me just say this place is so unique and beautiful, specifically in the current weather as the seating area outside is a garden heaven!

Asian cuisine 

Do you like Thai food? do you like Chinese food? Are you vegetarian? well then here are the places to go to without questions!

  1.  Zengo  – This place has the most incredible view of Doha skyline, located on the 61st floor of Kempinski residence and suits – It has dishes from all around Asia, that are delicious, we didn’t try anything there that tasted bad. We went at night but honestly, I would definitely recommend you go there in the morning as the view of the sea is exceptional!
  2. Sumo Sushi & Bento – Festival city mall – This place has 2 pages of their menu full of vegetarian options. check out my blog on it for more details Sumo Sushi & Bento
  3. Sabai Thai- Westin hotel and spa – It gives you the feel of being in Thailand,  A must order there is Mango coconut rice, a delicacy for the mouth! 


American Cuisine 

Frankly, I wasn’t going to try any American restaurant in the first place purely because most American restaurants are known for their burgers or fast food and in terms of their vegetarian options they are very minimal. To my friend and I surprise these 4 restaurants had good vegetarian options!

  1. Ted’s American diner – Banana Island – They offer vegetarian appetizers as well as a really good Vegetarian burger which can be turned vegan if you remove the cheese! WhatsApp Image 2018-02-06 at 5.39.15 PM
  2. Cheesecake factory – Various Locations – Cheesecake factory not only serves comfort food but also has a huge variety of options suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. 

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Greek cuisine 

Ahhh, My favourite cuisine for sure, I have been always a Greek food lover so when I found out they also excel in vegetarian meals you can tell the happiness I had.

  1. Mykonos – Intercontinental Hotel – They offer delicious vegetarian appetizers and salads. They also have 1 or two options for main meals that are vegetarian. 

Arabic cuisine 

Like American, I was not sure about this one because Arabic food, for the most part, contains poultry in one form or another. But boy was I wrong again they had huge varieties that fit. 

  1. Awani – Shomoukh Tower-  Simply delicious food and good vibes.  3aefe91aae8387e99fb01080de1be795_featured_v2.jpg
  2. Abajor – Ezdan Hotel- a small hidden gem in Qatar that offers an exquisite selection of vegetarian hot and cold meals. 

Moroccan cuisine 

  1. Marrakech – Lagoona Mall – Probably, my favourite on this list as you can never go wrong with a bowl of couscous with grilled vegetables. 


French cuisine 

  1. Paul- Various locations-  Paul has almost a menu full of vegetarian options that suite your taste and if you ever are in doubt if you should go check out their dessert menu! 


 Healthy Eating 

  1. Evergreen – pearl, Qnat Quartier – Most well known and only place in Qatar to serve only vegan options.
  2. Salad boutique – Aspire – Best Salad place in Doha hands down. 



A small insider for people that want to take a step towards veganism but think the lifestyle is too expensive (as my friend did struggle at the beginning to find cheap vegan products) … Lulu hypermarket is your best friend. Lulu has a selection of vegan product that is averaged price such as vegan cheese, yoghurt, chocolate, cake etc. Products that are specially made for vegans can be found there so check it out if you are interested. 


I hope this list is helpful for all of you out there that face daily struggles of finding a place to eat in. 

This list will be updated as we all know there are at least three new restaurants opening in Qatar on the daily basis. 

Stay strong vegetarian and vegan people! 

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Until next time, Crave the dish…


All rights are returned to the owner of the photos as not all photos are mine.

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