7 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be In Banana Island Anantara Resort – Staycation

A well deserved rejuvenating holiday 

“25 minutes from the heart of Qatar’s vibrant capital, a luxury catamaran ferry crosses crystal clear water to reach a breathtaking island that feels a world away, while a private helicopter pad offers an exclusive arrival with a bird’s eye coastal view.  Welcome to Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara – a paradise sanctuary.”


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Last week my friends and I, decided to head out to the banana island for a long needed mini holiday we packed our bags and jetted out to an underrated paradise…


Here are 7 reasons why YOU NEED to visit Banana Island:

The Hospitality 

The resort staff are very welcoming and accommodating. Every single staff member, that we came across greeted us with a smile and made sure we are having a splendid stay. Moreover, there are security guards at every corner of the island to maintain a peaceful environment. 


Rooms are spacious with many unique features. Each room has a balcony which overlooks the sea, you get a large bathroom with a bath, a shower and two huge sinks. They also offer private two, three and five bedroom villas that overlook the sea and if you want an extra bit of lavishness you might want to go for the private villas on top of the water that have their own private pool.

This resort is also one of the few resorts that have an open check-in time, so if you want to check in at 9am rather than the official time which is 2:30 pm you can. Nevertheless,  your room may not ready and in that case, you would still be allowed to use all the features on the island while you wait for your room to get ready. In our case, our room was ready straight when we arrived at 10 am. 

Probably very weird for you to read this but something that I loved about this resort is the amount of shampoo and conditioner! I literally always carry my shampoo because I need so much of it and hotels don’t offer much so to have that much shampoo given was incredible! 


The Spa 

The main way to rejuvenate your body and soul, in my opinion, is to go to the spa because let us be honest those back and foot massages take you to a new level of relaxation. The resort spa is a definition of elegance. Let yourself go and enjoy a sensual journey. The prices in the spa are exactly like other hotel spa prices, slightly expensive however you will be getting the value of your money back for sure. 

The wellness and Fitness Center 

Experience how health and beauty go hand in hand with expert care, from holistic lifestyle programmes at the dedicated wellness centre to a hydraulic pool at the fitness centre. 

The Family Entertainment Center 

This Resort has a free cinema, bowling alley and billiards table, once the sun sets you can go and enjoy your time at the entertainment centre. This is key in any island resort as after a long day at the beach/ pool you want some kind of entertainment instead of sitting in your room you can go watch a movie or lose a bowling game because you are not a bowler, i.e. me. 

The kids (Coolmint children centre) and Teens Entertainment Center (peppermint children centre)

You thought the family entertainment centre was not that great you also have a kids centre for your little ones with a mini water park, a nap time room and a playing room. So if you have a massage appointment in the spa put your kids in in the children centre and go enjoy your, massage. 

“Peppermint Center” is the teenager centre where you can find video games another cinema, air hockey and another billiards table.

The on land/ in Water Sports 

The resort has also plenty of on land physical activities to do such as tennis, golf, biking, and volleyball. They also offer water sports such as kayaking, doughnut boat ride, banana boat ride, jet skiing, water skiing and diving. 


Moreover, the hotel has a surfing pool, yes you read that right, I was too scared to try it but according to my friends, I missed out big time. 

The Food

Azraq – A restaurant that offers brunches and breakfast buffets.  I tried their breakfast buffet which features a wide variety of healthy and hearty favourites. 


Ted’s American diner – A burger and milkshake kind of restaurant with incredibly tasty meals that will satisfy your cravings. 

Riva – an Italian restaurant that consists of mouthwatering authentic Italian dishes 


Al Nahham – A Lebanese restaurant with spectacular views of the crystal blue sea 


Zen Cafe – A cafe that is made to look like a rainforest with small ponds where you can dip your legs in the cool water. 

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Q lounge – A lounge, that is floating on top of the sea, where you can enjoy some music 


Tanzerin – Tanzerin offers refreshing beverages and tasty light snacks on the beach side 

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 IF all these reasons didn’t convince you to visit the place, then just look at those spectacular views of the island! 

The resort and my friends definitely made this mini holiday memorable! 

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For booking or more information – https://doha.anantara.com/

Until next time, crave the dish…



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