A Kitchen Detox

I can say I’m an average person in terms of my lifestyle. I try to eat healthy most of the time but I do have these days where I need the fast food. Recently, I bought this book called Eat Nourish Glow by Amelia Freer and reading through it, I found a lot of helpful ideas that can for sure help anyone, including me, adapt to a new healthier lifestyle. One of the main ideas, discussed in this book, that I liked is the kitchen detox. 


In the book, Amelia talks about the necessity to start from the roots i.e. the kitchen. Which in my opinion is true as when I’m hungry and at home, the first thing I think of is what is an easy thing to grab and eat straight away and somehow that always tends to be a bag of crisps or a spoonful of Nutella although there is clearly a bag of baby carrots right when I opened the fridge ( ah, the guilt). 

With a kitchen detox, you will be throwing everything that is processed and considered junk in your fridge or pantry. Hence, when you are hungry you will go for a bag of baby carrots. * Don’t get me wrong eating healthy doesn’t mean eating carrots and cucumbers all day I’m just showcasing this example by using two extremes. 

A loaded bowl of grilled veggies – Asparagus, sprouts, spinach, avocado and zucchini topped with some tahini roasted nuts and dried tomatoes!

The thing to note is even if you did a kitchen detox and you are ready for a new lifestyle the first week can be tough and you may diverge away from eating healthy and that is fine it takes time for our bodies to adjust to a new lifestyle. In the first week of doing this I gave in and ordered pizza but I did snack on some apricots while waiting for the pizza so I guess we could say it balanced out. 

What needs to go? 

  • Processed and Convenience food: for example, breakfast cereals. Anything that is made to look healthy and good for you is a no. 
  • Canned meals: So much added preservatives I mean if they can live for 3 years they are bad for you. 
  • Bottled dressings and condiments: high in sugar and added preservatives. 
  • Biscuit, chips and sweets: The unhealthy snacks. 
  • salt and sugar: There is a reason we keep going back to McD 
  • Dairy products: includes cow milk, cheese and yoghurt. A lot of hormones are being added to these dairy products so instead of cow dairy product go for almond milk or coconut yoghurt. 

 The main thing to remember when doing a kitchen detox is that if it is packaged most likely it has artificial preservatives and sugar ( Even if it says, “I don’t” anything that says no preservative probably has preservatives !) so try to avoid packaged food, they are the worst. 

It can be very challenging sometimes especially when you are a dairy or bread lover like me, I put cheese which is processed on everything and even though I’m trying to do this new lifestyle change I still eat cheese.  Nevertheless,  I gave almond milk a try and it tasted better than cow milk so that was relieving however when it came to coconut yoghurt I was not a fan. 


What to buy more of?

  • Protein – Every meal should have protein 
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Grains like lentil, chickpeas and quinoa 
  • Healthy flavours – spices and herbs
  • olive oil and coconut oil 
  • Gluten-free bread – rice bread
  • Sea salt – the most natural form of salt. 
  • Tumeric – the mind medicine 

I think healthy eating standards vary from one person to another and so I believe that if you are going to do a change in your lifestyle you should be free about it in the sense that if one day you are craving a certain dish, eat it don’t restrict yourself as you will blow out with all that cravings you suppressed. What I have been doing recently is I’m eating everything except canned and processed food(excluding cheese of course)  because I just started and I feel like cutting off the dairy product or whole wheat bread can be very tough. I also tend to listen to my cravings,  if one day I’m craving a burger I eat it which I know in some people opinion this is wrong because when you are on a healthy lifestyle you should just commit to it 24/7 but that is exactly why diets fail! 

I loved Eat Nourish glow I think it is one of the nutritional books you can, feel related to in a way. Definitely would recommend you read it if you aren’t feeling your best self and want to be healthier and change some of your habits. Amelia Freer- Eat Nourish Glow.

She also has some great vegan and gluten-free recipes on her website.


 Until next time, crave the dish! 

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nicely explained

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  2. Working on something like this but in small increments. I’ve realized that I am not mentally prepared for a cold turkey approach!

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    1. cravethedish says:

      Yes exactly, I think doing this slowly and increasing your “healthier food intake” day by day can really help in maintaining that lifestyle for a long period of time!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree! Small changes that I can incorporate without stressing about “doing it right” are more beneficial for me!

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  3. thisstartswithme says:

    Those grilled vegetables made my mouth water!
    This is such a great article! I had to get rid of all the processed food in the house too, it was to tempting for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rajaa says:

    I would like to read this book and give it a try

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