A Trip to The North of Italy

The northern region of Italy is simply bursting with historical cities waiting to be explored.Due to the regions varied landscape, rich history and overflow of fine cities, there is something for everyone’s tastes. Here is what the northern part of Italy offered me!

Here is what the northern part of Italy offered me!

Stop #1

I started my trip in the capital city Rome.

After arriving in Rome, we met our beautiful guide Nora who lives in Italy but she originates from Vienna. She gave us a small introduction to the city and dropped us at our hotel, “Giulio Cesare” – via Degli Scipioni. The hotel, Set in the heart of the historical city center, was cozy and had welcoming staff who shared their opinions about what you must see in Rome and what is the best restaurants out there. In fact, we gave one of the restaurants they recommended a try that night, La Pratolina, a simple restaurant that serves amazing food. Like we all know you can’t go wrong with pizza and pasta dishes but that restaurants exceeded the expectations and truly elevated my taste buds, this restaurant is a must try if you visit Rome.

The next morning I went on a walk all around the city with my two little sisters visiting different churches and landmarks. We were determined to visit as much as we can that day but still be able to enjoy each one of them and that’s what happened. But, there were some obstacles as it started raining and considering I wasn’t wearing suitable shoes it was a slight struggle to walk. Nevertheless, we managed to visit nthe Capitoline hill ( a Michelangelo designed hilltop), the Castle Sant’ Angelo, Spanish steps, pantheon, trevi fountain ( which sadly, was under maintenance ) and finally the Colosseum.  So if you are going to Rome for a short period of time, no worries, you can manage to see half of the city in one day.  Note: I do recommend you leave the Colosseum until the end of the day, as if you want to enter it you may need to line up for 2-3 hours! (Not kidding)

On the next day, Noura took us to the Vatican city. We toured the Vatican museum and st peter square, what fascinated me though is the details in the museum walls and art pieces.  A bit of a downside though is the fact that it was super crowded, to the point where I lost my sister in the museum. so a bit of an advice if you are visiting the Vatican art museum ensure you go in the afternoon as according to Noura people tend to go there in the morning more than the afternoon.

Stop #2

On our way to Florence, we decided to visit Orvieto, because we heard about the underground world of Orvieto and wanted to see what it was all about. We spent a day there looking around, we went down the Pozzo di San Patrizio (well) and visited the cathedral. Here we tried a traditional Italian sweet Cannoli – no words to describe its taste!

Stop #3

Florence, we stayed at a hotel called “STARHOTELS MICHELANGELO”, I didn’t find anything special about it, other than the fact it is in the center of the city, I found it to be a regular city hotel didn’t give me that European vibe like the one in Rome did nevertheless, met expectations in terms of services provided. In Florence we walked around the city, exploring it and shopped a little bit. We also got lost at one point which was exciting because not knowing where you might end up- who wouldn’t say yes to that. 

stop #4

On the next day, we got a shuttle to take us to Pisa and to Lucca where we visited the leaning tower of Pisa and tried to take an insta- worthy pic but failed miserably. then we looked at Roman churches and middle-aged towers.


we then went back to Florence toured some more and sighted some more Michelangelo statues.


stop # 5

We moved to Bologna where we spent the day. This city is magnificent with many interesting attractions to visit. we visited Piazza Maggiore where we had lunch it is packed with cafe and places to eat while you enjoy a historical sight. we then moved on to visit the fountain of Neptune.


stop # 6

We then got on the move again to Venice-Mestre. we stayed in “AL PINI PARK” Hotel, I recommend this hotel if you are on a budget, it is not in Venice, Mestre, the area we stayed in, is on the outers of Venice more or less. To go to Venice you take a bus and its about 5-10 min ride and there is a bus every 5 min from 7am – 12am  (midnight).  Considering we arrived in the evening we were all exhausted so we stayed in the hotel that night.

The next morning we got on the bus to Venice. It is one of the most spectacular cities I’ve seen.



Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet! In Verona, we had a lovely stay at “BEST WESTERN”hotel Firenze Verona, visiting Juliet’s House and touching her right brass boob for “finding true love”. we also visited the Verona Arena,  a huge 1st-century Roman amphitheater, which currently hosts concerts and large-scale opera performances.


Stop # 8

Lake Garda, A beautiful lake with designated areas for water sports and swimming. We took a boat ride around the lake and stopped at the Old harbor Desenzano where we ate and enjoyed some water activities.


Stop #9

Milano, the best place to go shopping. we chose to stay in the closest hotel to Montenapoleone shopping street as that was where we intended to do our major shopping. We stayed in Starhotels Ritz Rosa Garden. It was 5 min walking distance from that street. We spent the night shopping! my advice to anyone visiting Italy and wants to do some major shopping don’t do it except in Milan.

Stop #10

Lake Como, opposite of Lake Garda, not suitable for swimming. It was extremely cold ( bring a hoodie) probably because its surrounded by the Alps mountains. It has some dramatic scenery but not going to lie I found it much more beautiful than Lake Garda.


After finishing from Lake Como we went back Milano where we had to pack our bags and head to the airport. Very sad I had to leave but happy and satisfied with what the northern part of Italy gave me. It is suitable for anybody because it offers a variety of things to do and to see nevertheless as our trip was mainly focused on sightseeing historical art and architecture, I felt at times that my little sisters got slightly bored so if you are traveling with kids I think adding an element of adventure is necessary. I felt like they enjoyed lake garda the most as they got to swim and do some activities. Looking forward to seeing what the southern part of Italy has to offer to me!



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  1. chefkreso says:

    I travelled all over Italy, so can’t wait to go again in January when I’m going for a week in Rome!

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    1. cravethedish says:

      I hope you enjoy your trip there 🙂

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