The artist cafe

Even if you are not an artist you will love this.

An oddly therapeutic place, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while coloring or painting a drawing.

The Artist cafe; a cafe located in Qunat Quartier in the Pearl Qatar. 20b048dac4171da511697c9934f097c2.jpg


The concept of the artist cafe is that anyone can be an artist no matter how bad you are in drawing or painting; it is a lovely place to visit if you are looking for something out of the norm. I loved this cafe so much as it kept me busy and entertained for hours, so if you have free time to kill and you are in the area, do visit it.

I really enjoyed Artist Cafe’s pleasant staff who were attentive enough to our needs but still gave us enough space to let our creative juices flow.

According to the staff, almost everyone that visits the cafe needs to paint something and most of them choose to leave what they paint in the cafe. Hence, I couldn’t resist painting one as well.



Highly recommended for a different ‘ going out for a coffee ‘ experience!

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