Back To The Nineties – Nineties Cafe

 “Here is where the pain eases”

The Nineties cafe first emerged on this Wakra seaside; here was the beginning of their journey. The cafe is based on the nineties, as you would expect from the name, even though the indoor seating is limited the ambiance lives to the expectation. The Nineties cafe takes you to the past where you regain your memories, memories that are calming and beautiful, from your childhood or past years. The cafe’s walls are all brightly colored, covered in references to childhood games and shows. Consequently, this is the beauty of this cafe; it gives you a hold of good memories where pain eases!

The Atmosphere of The Location

The cafe is located in Al Wakrah Souq Wakif Beach in the southern part of Qatar. Souq Wakif Alwakra has around 50 restaurants and cafes serving a variety of cuisines including Arabic, Western and Indian. Each restaurant adds its own touch to the place making it worth the drive. Moreover, you can consider going there if you like getting familiar with different cultures and heritages.

Food and Drinks in The Nineties Cafe 

While some may consider the cafe slightly expensive in comparison to other cafes in the area, it is worth a try because of the vintage and retro aesthetics of it. My friends and I ordered Cold refreshments that were very good.

From Left to Right – Passion Fruit Mojito, Berries Mojito, and Blue Lagoon Mojito

Extragavant Details 

Other than the Beautiful walls this cafe has some activities you can do. A miniature of Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris where you and your lover could” lock your love “. Being single and with no love interest in my life, didn’t stop me, I had a lock put up with my friends.

Another activity my friends and I enjoyed is doodling and signing a tissue box.


I had a lovely visit to the nineties cafe, looking forward to another visit.

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