Balinese Cuisine- A trip to Bali

After a long flight, my friends and I arrived in Bali, otherwise known as the island of the gods. Other than learning about Balinese people’s  beautiful culture, I was able to try out some traditional dishes they serve.

A great extent of spices were used to flavor the primary grains, which are rice and noodles accompanied with fresh vegetables and fish. These spices could be smelled from a mile away causing your stomach to growl. I tried a variety of traditional dishes including Ikan Bakar Jimbaran- style ( grilled fish), Betutu which is a roasted poultry dish with spices and Lawar a traditional vegetable and meat dish served with rice. furthermore, I have also tried common dishes such as tofu mixed with stew and fried noodles.

A must try in Bali are coconut drinks and lush colorful tropical fruits that grow everywhere. You can either stroll the street markets for stands that sell them or pick them out yourself from authorized areas. I didn’t get the chance to go to one of these areas however, street markets were more than enough for me.



Coffee in Bali 

The rich volcanic soil and the tropical climate on the island are ideal for coffee growing.Wet processing is the traditional way of coffee processing in Bali; in wet-processing, the fruit covering the coffee bean (the seed) is removed before the beans are dried. This coffee, unlike regular coffee, is more tasteful. In Bali, there are a lot of Coffee farms where you can see the process and try the coffee, I got the chance to visit one and obviously brought coffee back home. IMG_5763

Rice Farm 

Rice Farming is very important in Bali, it contributes to the national economy of Indonesia.  The importance of rice in Indonesian culture is demonstrated through the reverence of Dewi Sri, the rice goddess of ancient Java and Bali. It was my first time seeing a rice farm, it was nothing like I imagined to be, take a look for yourself.


Food wasn’t the only thing I explored there were even more magnificent things to experience. 

The sunrise and sunset 

If you have been to Bali and didn’t see a sunrise or a sunset, then have you really been to Bali?



The Indian Ocean 

The Indian ocean, it is magical, mood-setting, peaceful and unforgettable.



The monkeys

Be aware of stuff getting stolen by monkeys!!! You could really tell from my first sentence that I lost the battle against the monkey and my sun glasses. Nevertheless, they are beautiful creatures and very friendly if you feed them bananasIMG_5765

White water rafting 

An adventure that must be repeated. Since it was my first time rafting anxiety tickled my bones making me rethink my decision of rafting, however, I climbed down over 500 stairs and I wasn’t willing to go up these stairs again so I went through with it and I’m very glad for these stairs being there, because it was a spectacular morning. Face your fears!

P.S. I had to go up these stairs anyways when we concluded the journey.



Traditional dance  

In one of the restaurants I visited, a traditional dance was playing and as I’m an alien to these things I didn’t grasp the idea of it in the beginning but soon the friendly locals introduced me to this cultural dance.



Bali was exceptional, definitely worth under trip

until next time, crave the dish…


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